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Manufacture of exoprosthesis

Orthotic manufacturing

Man is first of all what throws himself into a future, and what is conscious of projecting himself into the future. Man is first and foremost a project that is lived subjectively. (Jean-Paul Sartre)


Orthotic manufacturing

An orthosis is an appliance that compensates for an absent or deficient function, assists a joint or muscle structure, stabilizes a body segment during a rehabilitation or rest phase. It differs from the prosthesis, which replaces a missing element.

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Manufacture of exo-prosthesis

There are several types of prostheses in the forefront of which is the external prosthesis. Also known as an exoprosthesis, this device makes it possible to replace an amputated limb. The articular prosthesis is a second example of equipment which, this time, is directly implanted within the body.

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